MM: DON JON review

So it’s a Tuesday Movie Monday but better late than never, right?!

Recently, I traveled to NYC to visit friends and was able to go see a movie in the theater – a feat only accomplished on weekends without children.  We went to see DON JON, a romantic comedy starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  It’s a modern-day envisioning of the “Don Juan” character who romances women, but this movie isn’t about his conquests, it’s about his flaws.  Gordon-Levitt’s “Jon” is addicted to porn and despite the revolving door of ladies he sleeps with night after night, week after week, he only finds true sexual satisfaction in porn.

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Writing Wednesdays: Character Profile

Trying to capture a real-life woman as a character profile/study for the future:

There is a lady that lives on my street.  I don’t know anything about her except that she is obsessed with her lawn.  Is it possible to understand someone through lawn care?

This woman – I’ll call her Sandy – is a white lady in her late 40s or 50s, with brown hair cut in layers to her chin and curling around her head.  She’s fairly tall, taller than me anyways, and skinny.   She wears T-shirts or tank tops and shorts that look comfortable for working around the house/yard, though I have seen her mow the lawn in a deep-backed bathing suit and shorts when I first moved into the neighborhood.

I pass by her house four times a day as I walk my kids to school and back, every day, Monday through Friday.  Sandy is almost always working on her lawn every time I pass by.   We exchange pleasantries.

I have seen people garden, and by garden I mean “planting flowers and weeding.”  Sandy’s lawn has no flowers.  And I never see her working in the flower bed.  Just on the lawn.

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It’s been a long time since I last saw WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT (Robert Zemeckis, 1988).  It’s an iconic film in my family’s history, and I had the pleasure of sharing it for the first time with my own children.  As a filmmaker, I was struck by how well the animation and live action were woven together, especially with 80’s technology.  It was fun and big, a bit over-acted, and even terrifying at the end when the villain, Judge Doom, turns into a crazy-eyed toon.  I remember being horrified as a kid, and it was no less horrifying this time around!  Snappy dialogue, funny innuendos, pushing the envelope just a bit…it really has everything going for it.

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WW: Once

I was brave and stupid once
Fearless because I was fearful

And now

I’m still brave
And I’m probably pretty stupid at times
And I have to admit I still barge into things with as such fearlessness
To hide the terrified girl inside

So maybe not much has changed
I am different but the same
More experienced

But still

Facing the unknown