Double the Writing Wednesdays! Black Moon Review

Have you heard of this book Black Moon by Kenneth Calhoun? Go read it. Right now. Yes, I mean right now. It’s about how insomnia becomes a viral plague spreading across the world pitting those effected against the few remaining who can still sleep and dream. It makes you wonder how real is your reality.

Written in some of the most beautiful prose I’ve read in a long time, this poetic, haunting, exceptionally told story follows three main characters in a end-of-the-world saga that feels so real, so subtle, so scary without any zombies, vampires, or otherworldly creatures to blame.

In the end, there are no answers, and that was fine with me. The ideas sparked by this book rang so true and while I want to know more, to know why, to know what will happen after “the end,” I am thoroughly satisfied with this book. And that’s a hard thing to accomplish.

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Writing Wednesdays: The Last Book Ever Written Review

tlc tour hostThe Last Book Ever Written is a cautionary tale that reads like a 1950s noir novel. Despite its thoughtful and well-thought-out characters and plot, it suffers from the earnestness of its social commentary. The writing itself is very formal and straightforward and reads like a report. While this is functional in terms of relaying the action and information, it lacks poetry and makes the reading itself tedious. It reminded me of reading Ayn Rand’s Anthem, but I have to admit I appreciated Anthem more than The Last Book Ever Written in part, I think, because the main character in Anthem has no knowledge of the past, and that past seems very very distant. Whereas the main character in The Last Book Ever Written does know his history, yet he remains a very naïve character and I had a hard time sympathizing with him. The book’s themes too – that creativity is needed, that we should talk to each other more than look at our iPhones – felt overly simplistic to the point of patronizing. I applaud the author for writing the book because it is well done overall, I just wanted to like it a lot more than I actually did.

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Movie Mondays: The Importance of Intimacy

Instead of calling this a review of AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON, I want to talk about finding the HEART in PLOT. Yes, AGE OF ULTRON is a big huge action movie. Yes, it’s fluff and fun and who thinks about intimacy and feelings when there’s stuff to blow up that looks awesome at the same time? And I LOVE big huge action movies, so it’s not like I’m not trying to compare apples to oranges. So, yes, AGE OF ULTRON is fun, it’s watchable, it has some moments, but it’s lacking in something critical to making audiences really connect with the action, really feel the stakes that are at risk, and from a writer/director who I know can do so much better, that left me disappointed.

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