FORM Portfolio (35mm Black & White)

STRUCTURE Portfolio (35mm)

SAFARI Portfolio (35mm)

Wildlife (aka children) (digital)

I started developing photographs when I was 6 years old.  My father’s grandfather developed taught my father how to develop black and white photographs and my father still had an enlarger in our laundry room.  He thought it would be “neat” (a favorite word of his) to do some experimental photographs for my 1st grade science project.

Two ideas emerged: trying to capture a water droplet and a shattering lightbulb.  My dad rigged a circuit using wire and aluminum foil to the camera’s flash.  When the drop of water hit the aluminum foil, it would close the circuit, setting the flash off.  With an open shutter on the camera, the moment the flash went off, the image would be immortalized.

The shattering lightbulb operated on the same circuit trick but the question was how to shatter the glass.  My dad opted for hitting the lightbulb with a hammer.  BUT in order to use the flash circuit and an open shutter, we had to take the picture in pitch dark.  So there’s my dad, with a hammer, in the absolute darkness, slamming in the direction of a lightbulb while I stand behind the tripod with the shutter trigger.  A few times the lightbulb flew out under the hammer and hit me in the legs, flash exploding as the circuit closed.

I survived unscathed, though thinking about it today makes me question a lot of things…

From then on, though, I was hooked.  Taking images became a passion, an obsession at times.  Everywhere I looked, I imagined what the photograph would be.  Sometimes I felt so pained by experiencing an event or an image if I couldn’t capture it.

I’ve divided my photographs into various galleries, above.  In my black and whites especially you will see my chronic interest in high-contrast images.  I liked to push the contrast until the photo started looking like a pencil sketch.  I loved that dark red piece of glass I would put in between the negative and the paper.

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