• sandsI did my crowdfunding campaign through Seed&Spark – a platform dedicated to and designed for films and filmmakers. They have the highest success rate out there, will give you feedback on your perks and campaign material before you launch and during the campaign itself, will support your campaign through social media, and offer perks to projects that gain enough followers. I can’t say enough good things about Seed&Spark. While Kickstarter has the “brand name,” it’s so much harder to make your OWN name and Seed&Spark can get you there. Oh, and did I mention they offer DISTRIBUTION options??? Win-win.
  • logo21-1For Houston filmmakers or those wanting to make films here in Houston, SWAMP is a great resource.  I’m biased of course, but we’ve also been around the longest.  36 years!  We started before Sundance did! Plus, SWAMP puts on a Business of Film Conference every year to help filmmakers navigate things like distribution, copyright, music licensing, finding investors, crowdfunding, festivals…
  • usclogoIf you ever want to know about going to USC’s film school, just ask!  It was exactly what I needed and an amazing place.  Not perfect (no place is) but a great place to learn.


  • hcc-logoI teach at Houston Community College which is dedicated to developing and expanding its filmmaking program. A brand-new facility with state-of-the-art equipment and an amazing group of instructors who are working in the field, it’s a great place to start exploring.
  • tfc_small-logoThe Film Collaborative is an EXCELLENT resource for information about distribution. A non-profit distributor, they focus mostly on documentaries and social-change films, but they are geared toward helping YOU. Learn more. Be your own advocate.


  • Post your credits to IMDB and become “official.”
  • I’ve been told that writing reviews on Amazon and Goodreads is a good thing to establish yourself on those websites if you intend to publish your own work.  Good advice?  To be determined…

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