Photos, Books, Life…

Don’t go thinking I haven’t been doing anything just because I haven’t been posting here!  Oh no!

I think that’s one of the things that we forget as creative people because it’s the WORK that matters, what we PRODUCE that can be touched or watched or absorbed through one sense or another.

But life happens.  And I want to experience it.


And I’ve also just been busy trying to slog my way through the producing aspects.  So here’s a tally of what’s been going on and I plan to get this website more focused in the coming months!  Including a sneak peak of what I’ve been writing!

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MM: Twi-Moms, Mortal Instruments & Female Protagonists

movie_mondaysSophia McDougall recently wrote an explosive article called “I hate Strong Female Characters” for New Statesman.  Her point, targeted at Hollywood, is that in effort to counter claims of sexism, blockbuster films include a token “Strong Female Character” in their action films and allow extreme acts of violence fly from these not-so-delicate flowers to prove the point that they are just as good as any man for any job.  After seeing the latest teen paranormal romance book-turned movie MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES, I might just hop on McDougall’s bandwagon.

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