WW: The Idea

I am often asked, as a writer and as a filmmaker, where ideas come from.  It’s a question that I have a very strong reaction to because, where do ideas NOT come from?  Who doesn’t have ideas?  And that reminds me that people think and live and breathe in different ways.  I think visually; I have to SEE it.  I also have words, dialogue, arguments, rants, and other verbal insanity running through my head at all times.  And when there aren’t words there are songs from the radio.  I wish I could write music so that those songs would be original.  I wish I could think musically.  To me, that is true genius and wonder, something I will never ever grasp.  But alas, I think in pictures and words.

So where do ideas come from?  It is very very very easy: ideas come from life.  Ideas come from imagination.  Ideas come from dreams and crazy random juxtapositions that hit you as you drive down the street or stroll through a grocery aisle.

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