WW: The Idea

I am often asked, as a writer and as a filmmaker, where ideas come from.  It’s a question that I have a very strong reaction to because, where do ideas NOT come from?  Who doesn’t have ideas?  And that reminds me that people think and live and breathe in different ways.  I think visually; I have to SEE it.  I also have words, dialogue, arguments, rants, and other verbal insanity running through my head at all times.  And when there aren’t words there are songs from the radio.  I wish I could write music so that those songs would be original.  I wish I could think musically.  To me, that is true genius and wonder, something I will never ever grasp.  But alas, I think in pictures and words.

So where do ideas come from?  It is very very very easy: ideas come from life.  Ideas come from imagination.  Ideas come from dreams and crazy random juxtapositions that hit you as you drive down the street or stroll through a grocery aisle.

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Movie Mondays

I’m starting a new initiative to get this website rolling!

Welcome to MOVIE MONDAYS!  I will also be having WRITING WEDNESDAYS and PHOTO FRIDAYS.  Check in each week to see new posts regarding these topics.

So for my inaugural Movie Monday post, I want to focus on learning to make movies at film school versus on the job.

Today, August 5th, is the first day of a Teen Filmmaking Camp run by the organization I work for Southwest Alternate Media Project (SWAMP) which is a great resource for indie filmmakers and people who want to see independent films and support indie filmmaking.  It’s a 5 day intensive program for kids ages 13-17 where Day 1 the kids learn the basics of story and come up with their script, Day 2 they break down the script into what they need to shoot the project and who will do what,  Days 3 and 4 are production, and Day 5 is post.  They screen the films for family and friends at the end of Day 5.  Phew!

On top of all this, my alma mater, USC, was just ranked the #1 Film School in the country by The Hollywood Reporter, a Los Angeles “trade” publication.

This all got me thinking, what is the “best” way to learn how to make movies?  Ultimately, there is no best because what’s best for me might be the worst for you or impossible to do because of money or family or whatever.  But people still argue the point and I’m sure with this list of film schools, there is further argument as to why USC is “the best” and the others are somewhere else on the top 25 list, or not on it at all.

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