It’s Movie Mondays and I managed to watch a bunch of movies this past week!  Here’s my review of THE WOLVERINE (2013), directed by James Mangold:


What works really well in the X-MEN Series is how the writers tie in world history/events to give greater meaning to the action.  In THE WOLVERINE, that event is the atomic bomb landing on Nagasaki.  In that opening sequence, US B-52s fly over a Japanese POW camp in Nagasaki and everyone realizes the end is near.  A Japanese soldier, Yashida, frees the prisoners, including Wolverine knowing how dangerous he is.  Wolverine in turn stops Yashida from committing hari-kiri and protects the soldier’s body with his own when the blast goes off.  It is a moment that humanizes the “enemy” and the war and also reminds the audience in stunning visual FX of that horrible time in our world history.  It made me wonder how we will remember these events as time passes and more and more of that generation dies.  There was a young child sitting in front of me who was awed by the A-bomb explosion and it made me cringe a little.  Nevertheless, I think the moment was handled well and while there was no explanation or reason as to why in the hell Wolverine was a prisoner in Nagasaki (I assume based on his history this was one of his many tours of duty in the US Army), it served well as an introduction to Wolverine and Yashida.

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