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ACID TEST New Website & Twitter

ACID TEST has its very own website now and a dedicated Twitter handle @acidtestfilm in addition to our existing Facebook page. Please follow us and retweet/repost as we gear up for the premiere!

ACID TEST has made it through post-production and we’ve begun to submit to film festivals. The film looks and sounds amazing; truly the best work I’ve ever done. While getting into festivals is a highly competitive process and I know there will be disappointments, I am confident we will find a home with some great festivals. I am also looking into online distribution platforms. Through our (your!) crowdfunding efforts with Seed&Spark, we are eligible to distribute through their partners and while I was at SXSW I learned of some other avenues for getting our short seen.

We are currently working on a theater version for our cast/crew/supporter screening, which will take place in the early summer. Stay tuned for details and your invitation! Once we have our screening party, the online links will go out to our contributors.

Thank you again to my wonderful cast and crew and everyone who’s supported this project along the way. It really wouldn’t be the film that it is without you and I can’t wait (so close) to share it finally!

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