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My debut novel! Affinity is Part 1 in a Duet. Part 2 - Aflame - is OUT NOW!!

Get them for your Kindle today HERE

Two teenagers discover they are true soulmates, unlocking a supernatural connection between them, which threatens their sanity, their friendships, and their freedom when their families grow concerned about their obsessive yet unbelievable relationship.

Diana is excited for her junior year and turning sixteen in a couple of weeks. Sixteen. It's THE year. The year you start thinking about the future and everything that lay beyond high school. The year of independence – hello driver’s license! And, finally, the year her dad said she can start dating.

Caleb just moved, again. The perpetual new kid, he's excited to explore his new home in the suburbs of Washington, DC. It's the closest to a major city he's ever lived and he's looking forward to more freedoms, more experiences, The only problem is his religious, strict, though loving, parents. If they only knew how many rules he's already broken.

When these two teenagers find themselves inexplicably but powerfully drawn to one another, they discover the truth about soulmates that changes everything. How will they manage with a secret that no one will believe when they can barely stand to be separated, or will their love drive them crazy?

This story involves sexual situations between minors above the age of consent and some language.

Read more about the book's development and writing process HERE.

Aflame picks up after a disastrous Homecoming dance, when Diana and Caleb take off for her mother's empty home to find some peace and reassurance of their love, only to end up facing adult consequences to their actions with no ability to explain what's really going on. Who would believe them?


In this thrilling and heart-rending conclusion to Caleb and Diana's love story, the real world comes crashing down on the teenage lovebirds and their unbelievable connection gets put to the test with the ultimate stakes of life or death. Will they survive, will their love? Buckle up for the darker side of an all-consuming love story.

It deals with sexual situations involving minors of consenting age, lots of language, and suicidal ideation. Please read responsibly.

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