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I love to talk about film!

Script Coverage

One of my first jobs in the industry was in Development as a Reader writing glorified book reports summarizing a script and its potential in the industry.


As a writer myself, receiving good, constructive, notes on what's working and not working in my script - what I'm communicating and what I only THINK I'm communicating - is essential. And also surprisingly hard to find!


Unlike most Coverage services, I don't just do a blind read, I work with what you're trying to do, within your artistic voice and vision, to make your script stronger.


Fundraising for your film is terrifying and hard but entirely possible! I help you strategize for success based on the strengths of your project and your crowd.

I first "crowd"-funded for my USC Graduate Thesis film through letters (written on paper and mailed!) and have since then utilized the amazing online tools available to make crowd-funding easy. I've crowdfunding successfully 6 out of 6 times so far (100% success rate!) with goals ranging from $4000 to over $40,000 and I am currently developing my strategy for a multi-million dollar project.

My Crowdfunding Consultation services come at various levels that can be combined as needed:

  1. 1-hour consultation about your project and overall best practices.

  2. Review of your crowdfunding assets and strategy.

  3. Help with crowdfunding campaign.

Film Notes

Similarly with script notes, it is hard to find good, constructive, notes on what's working and note working on a film. Work-in-Progress screenings are essential, whether you do them privately or as a group.

I work with what you're trying to do, within your artistic voice and vision, to make your project the best it can be!

In addition to notes on your film, you can add consultation services covering festival and distribution prep such as press kits, publicity strategies...etc.


Raymond Gayle
Indie Filmmaker

It had been almost 18 years since I directed my first feature film Electric Purgatory - the fate of the black rocker. My attempts to raise money for Electric Purgatory were futile at best. After being out of the industry for so long, I decided to dust off an old script that was in my desk since 2014...I found the course to be insightful and engaging. It helped that the course was taught by experienced filmmaker, Jennifer Waldo. Jennifer provided relevant resources, walked the class through the pitching process, and did a deep dive into the intricacies of budget planning. I enjoyed the pace of the course and found the content quite useful. Looking forward to the next class. Highly recommend.

Abstract Surface

Brian Boyter
Indie Filmmaker

The Fundraising course with Jenny was the best investment I've made in my film making journey to date. Learning directly from someone who has funded and directed a feature film, and several shorts, is an invaluable experience. Ton's of extras as well, such as festival lists, template docs, and more. Would highly recommend for anyone serious about getting their project made.

FEES: The first step to working together is to send me an email. Tell me about yourself and your project and which services you're interested in. If I think we're a good fit, I'll respond with next steps. If I don't think we're a good fit, or if I'm slammed and don't have time right now, I'll let you know that too! Good luck and I look forward to hearing from you!


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