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Twofer is an upcoming short film written by Noel Thompson that I will direct. It's a dark and twisty tale of a woman in distress on the side of the road and the handsome good Samaritan who stops to help her out. A tight 5-minutes that we plan to shoot on actual film (Super 16mm), my producer Sommer Garcia Saqr and I are currently applying to grants for production funds.


Twofer plays on gender stereotypes and leaves the audience questioning who is the victim and who is the villain. I'm excited to stretch my directing skills with a project that I'm not the writer on, and I'm also excited to make a short where the primary objective is to experiment and explore the craft of filmmaking. I've been digitizing my old USC student projects and feeling that pull to just have fun and collaborate.


Below are some of the reference images as we go into making this suspense short. Stay tuned!

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