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Breaking Bread

Breaking Bread

We are fighting for Texas families, neighbors, friends, and you! Join Mothers Against Greg Abbott We need your help! #BreakingBread Check out our YouTube channel See our other videos to learn about Mothers Against Greg Abbott It all started with a sign: What is Mothers Against Greg Abbott About? Meet Rochelle Garza: Meet Mike Collier: Please go visit our website: Please donate to our cause: Chapters: 0:00 Intro 0:06 We used to spend Thanksgiving together. 0:15 Our kids grew up together. 0:21 We used to talk everyday 0:23 Until they labeled us enemies 0:25 Put us in boxes 0:27 Lied to our loved ones 0:29 And now we don't speak. 0:31 I hate this 0:32 Things have to change. 0:40 We won't agree on everything. 0:43 So we'll focus on the things we do 0:45 Like keeping our kids safe and healthy, 0:47 Providing for our families 0:49 Like the love we have for one another, 0:51 We will meet in the middle and truly listen. 0:55 It won't be easy 0:56 But we need each other 0:57 To work together for our communities 1:00 Our neighbors 1:01 And loved ones 1:02 We will not be used as political pawns anymore. 1:05 It's time to show these politicians. What Texas is really about. 1:12 It's time to talk 1:13 Like neighbors 1:15 Like friends 1:16 Like, Hello? 1:19 Hi 1:22 Hi 1:26 Hi mom. Can we talk. Please click here to subscribe to our channel