Martha's Mustang


Very excited about this feature film I'm developing about a woman in the man's world of auto body repair who sued City Hall to use a brightly painted purple Mustang planted with wildflowers as part of her Auto Body Repair Shop's sign after the City cited her for being in violation of the Junk Car Ordinance. Set in Baytown, TX and based on a true story in the early 1990s, it feels like the perfect segue from Acid Test. Only it's not my story I'm telling this time. This script was selected as a Quarterfinalist for the 2021 Nicholl Fellowship and was recently awarded the 2022 Houston Arts Alliance Support for Artists and Creative Individuals Grant to produce a table read workshop of the current draft!

A live table read - for audience feedback - was be presented as part of the 2022 Houston Cinema Arts Festival. Read about the event and see photos HERE!


Teaser Trailer