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Martha's Mustang

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Very excited about this feature film I'm developing about a woman in the man's world of auto body repair who sued City Hall to keep a hot pink Mustang, refurbished into a flower planter and parked outside as part of her Shop's sign, after the City cited her for being in violation of the Junk Car Ordinance - a brand new Ordinance only enforced when people complain. So, who's out to get Martha? As a single mother in her 40s, she's already struggling to prove she knows her business as good as (or better) than any man and the suspects seem endless: her ex-husband, a disgruntled employee, a sexist customer, a competitor…all of the above? Inspired by true events that divided the city of Baytown, TX in 1994. 


As a true story in the early 1990s, it feels like the perfect segue from Acid Test. This script was selected as a Quarterfinalist for the Nicholl Fellowship, received the Houston Arts Alliance Support for Artists and Creative Individuals Grant to produce a table read workshop of the script, which was featured as part of the 2022 Houston Cinema Arts Festival. It was a semi-finalist for a Film Fatales Fellowship to the Stowe Story Lab, where it participated in both the Producer's Lab and the Narrative Lab in addition to the Intentional Filmmaking Class with From the Heart Productions, who served as fiscal sponsors for my debut feature film, Acid Test.

From the Heart Productions is also serving as our fiscal sponsor for Martha's Mustang and we are FUNDRAISING FOR DEVELOPMENT FUNDS! That means that any donations made are tax-deductible!

What exactly are "development funds"? They go toward: legal (LLC, investor documents, talent contracts, etc), a casting director (to secure name talent), a line producer (to solidify exact budget), and proving the stability of this future production.

We're also looking for INDUSTRY PARTNERS excited to be part of this project:

  • Executive Producer​
  • Producer experienced attaching name talent and financing
  • Name Talent
  • Sales Agent
  • Distributor
  • Corporate Sponsorship & Product Placement
  • Investors

Yes, we can ALSO have traditional investors as part of our financing outside of our tax-deductible donations through From the Heart Productions.


Upon request, I can provide the script, pitch deck, budget, waterfall information, cast list, and more. For any of this information, or for any referrals/direct connections, please CONTACT ME 

We plan to shoot Martha's Mustang in the summer of 2025, no matter what! This story deserves to be told within Martha's lifetime. 

Martha's Mustang is truly a community film. Martha is alive and well, as are many of the real-life characters from our story. People of Baytown still remember the "purple planter" and the fight with City Hall.

Thank you so much for your support! I can't do it without you!

We had a wonderful live table read - for audience feedback - during the 2022 Houston Cinema Arts Festival performed by local actors (pictured below). Read more and see photos HERE!

Excited to see where this project goes next!


Teaser Scene

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