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Photos, Books, Life…

Don’t go thinking I haven’t been doing anything just because I haven’t been posting here!  Oh no!

I think that’s one of the things that we forget as creative people because it’s the WORK that matters, what we PRODUCE that can be touched or watched or absorbed through one sense or another.

But life happens.  And I want to experience it.


And I’ve also just been busy trying to slog my way through the producing aspects.  So here’s a tally of what’s been going on and I plan to get this website more focused in the coming months!  Including a sneak peak of what I’ve been writing!

Since my last post of 3/26/14:

  1. I’ve written 14 chapters in my novel rewrite/polish.  In some ways, it’s a completely new writing experience, and in other ways it’s truly a editing/polishing exercise.

  2. I’ve read 18 books, give or take.  Highlights include the LUX series by Jennifer L. Armentrout.  I’m currently reading my friend a fellow ‘SC alum Peter Samet’s debut novel ZERO ECHO SHADOW PRIME and re-reading the BLOOD OF EDEN series (starting with IMMORTAL RULES) by Julie Kagawa.  Looking forward to finishing the series up with the newly released FOREVER SONG.  And in 4 more days!!!! The MORTAL INSTRUMENTS BOOK 6 comes out, yay!!!

  3. I helped put on a workshop on Directing for TV with veteran director Peter Werner.

  4. I wrote and gave my final exam for my Documentary Class!  We watched and critiqued STORIES WE TELL – an excellent documentary by the writer/actress/director Sarah Polley, who I used to watch on the show AVONLEA.

  5. I got slightly obsessed with the CW shows VAMPIRE DIARIES, THE ORIGINALS, THE 100, REIGN, and even STAR-CROSSED (thank God it’s cancelled because I couldn’t live with myself).

  6. Oh and there are some kids that needed to be fed and clothed, a house that needed to get run, and I have a proverbial “day job” too!

So while I still feel like a failure sometimes for not finishing the damn book and it’s clear I’m not getting enough sleep and maybe I should just focus instead of spreading myself out so thin…I think I’m doing all right.

And just to show that I do just sit back and enjoy life, here are some pictures from South Padre Island, where I had a nice little weekend getaway in February.  The sand dunes area reminded me of STAR WARS (the original).  Awesomely cool and bizarre looking.

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