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Rising Tide

Manon de Reaper, creator of the wonderful review site Film Inquiry and a friend of mine, is shooting her directorial debut, a short film called Uncontrol, collaborating with many of the same people from Acid Test (Producer/AD Anna Tran! DP Kerianne Parker!), and it reminded me that a rising tide lifts all boats.

It's a mantra I've felt strongly about over the years. It's a truth that I've seen borne out. Like many artists, I struggle with jealousy and #fomo. I have to work to not tear down my own accomplishments if I feel they don't compare or compete well with others'. I have to remind myself of my own choices and circumstances and the meaning that those things bring me. And through all that, over the years, I have seen how we rise together by helping each other and that that is also part of our success story.

In her blog entry, Manon talks about how inspired she was on the set of Acid Test and how my encouragement helped her on her journey to directing. It's everything you hope to read about yourself and while I was surprised and flattered, and it helped remind me that a rising tide lifts all boats.

Good luck Manon and everyone on Uncontrol!

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