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WW: Ode

I really do love smoking Though I no longer do Pre-packed or loose Different rituals Same love

Firm, edged, rectangular body Smacking against the heel of my palm Crinkle crinkle the plastic unwraps And – oh! The lovely indent at the tip

Spongy filter pressed against lips Flick flick the flint sparks Light burns yellow to orange A cherry alive Going up in smoke

Rolling is The epitome The dedication The perfection

Not too much Not too little Just right The moist strands pulling across Bending Licking Sliding There’s no smacking here

Rolling is Delicate And Elegant

Paper sticks to my lips The end crushes beneath them Flick flick the flint sparks Smoke and sting The bitter syrupy taste

Gone too quickly Only to begin again I miss you my love But I know you would only break my heart

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