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2nd Rounder at Austin Film Festival!

My romantic comedy Honeymoon Adventurers advanced to the Second Round in the Comedy Feature category and Enderby Entertainment Award, which places it in the top 20% of the competition!

Logline: When two adrenaline junkies fall in love, the bride cracks under the pressure of her wealthy family’s expectations and runs off on the honeymoon adventure she’s been looking forward to, leaving the groom at the altar to chase her across the world to figure out what went so wrong.

I made this fun image to go along with it using the wonderful, mysterious and also hilarious (see the series of fails at the bottom) AI:

A little background on this script - I first wrote in in 2004. You read that right...nearly 20 years ago! I wrote it as I planned my own wedding while finishing up my MFA in Film Production at USC's School of Cinematic Arts. I love the rom-com genre, and I wanted to write this big, ridiculous studio film that would be fun for all. It's Runaway Bride meets Just Married.

It was a finalist for the 2006 Broad Humor Screenplay Contest and after workshopping the script with BlueCat's Gordon Hoffman, I quietly moved onto other projects. Because Honeymoon Adventurers was never a film that I could do as an indie, and after life took me out of Los Angeles, I needed to focus on projects that I could produce/direct in Houston.

The rom-com genre also disappeared for a while, until recently when I started hearing more people talking about requests for rom-coms. So I dusted off my old file and got to work rewriting and updating a script that still had Larry King references and no smart phones! My USC writing group was so helpful and it's been so much fun revisiting a story that I conceived of during a very different time in my life.

So don't ever think that your projects are dead or done. You just...never know!

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