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Continuing Ed. Fundraising Course

Super excited to be offering a Fundraising for Indie Film course through the Continuing Education department of Houston Community College (HCC) where I teach in their Filmmaking Program. This means it's OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!

Over the course of 4 Saturdays in October, we will focus on developing pitch materials and fundraising assets while learning what tools are available and best practices in using them. If you have a project getting ready to fundraise, this course will help you prepare for success. The goal is to create marketing, pitching, and fundraising materials tailored to your needs, your crowd, and your project so that you will come out of October with a strategy. I want this course to be useful and practical, so please bring your questions and your ideas and we will incorporate them into this inaugural launch of the class.

And if you don’t have a project (yet), this course will teach invaluable strategies and time to practice that will help guide any ideas/plans you have developing.

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