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FF: Sugar Mill

I missed my first Foto Friday last week after successfully posting for Movie Mondays and Writing Wednesdays.  But, it is a new day and a new opportunity!  The picture of the “Flying Guy” as I like to call him was a fairly life-sized paper mache sculpture indicating the entrance to a series of shops in my mother’s hometown of Brno, Czech Republic.  It reminds me to always keep an eye out.  You will always find something strange and beautiful.

I think lying in wait for the perfect shot requires patience, luck, knowing yourself, knowing your camera, breath control, and ultimately timing.  Most of the time, though, we don’t have the time to wait but we have the luck to come across something that needs to be captured.  I took the pictures below on my iPhone from the window of my car as I drove past.  This is one of my favorite spots and I’d like to come back when I have time and a better camera to really capture all angles, investigate the site and find secret wonders.  But not today, and that’s okay because I think these images capture the FEELING that I wanted to convey.  Sometimes a picture doesn’t have to be in perfect focus.  Sometimes that humanity coming across the lens is not just the subject but the artist himself or herself.

And yes I know I spelled “photo” wrong in “foto fridays.”

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