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Scoring Session

Three years ago in May, I shot a short film with one of my closest friends as a “first step” back into the world of film production.  We shot on the 7D and it was one of the best shoots I’ve ever done because there was no pressure.  I wanted to enjoy it.  The last fictional piece I wrote and directed was back in 2004 when I finished by USC thesis film SEARCHING FOR ANGELS.  With the (now) titled SISTERS short, I wanted to see if I really had a passion and even talent for making a film.  And I did.  That doesn’t mean we shot everything on my shot list or that everything was perfect and easy.  Production never is.  But it reminded me of why I love to make films, and reminded me that I had pursued film for a reason all these years.

Production is a fairly impractical choice for me right now with two young children.  Writing is much more manageable and I love writing.  But today, I sat in a beautiful studio here in Houston called Wire Road and watched as musicians recorded the score to SISTERS and I remembered why I love making movies.  One more step closer to finishing a film that’s been a labor of love during one of the most difficult transitions in my life and a reminder that not everything changes…

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